New Client Consultation   
This session begins with a review of your health story, your symptom questionnaire, and your personal goals. Then I use MFT(Morphogenic Field Technique), a muscle response system, to find what your body wants that it does not have, what it has that it needs to detox, and what support your automatic healing systems are asking for. Together we discover the most important first steps to reach balance and vitality.

Allow 2 hours for appointment $130

Nutrition Follow Up      

Keep moving to vibrant health! This session is for checking improvement and changes, finding if your body is asking for help on a different layer, or if a change of food or supplements is needed. Follow up on goals and on progress. Keep feeling younger and stronger on your health journey. Check in quarterly or whenever you notice a new health symptom or challenge.

Allow 1 hour for appointment $65

Supplement Check       

Get help selecting supplements for your body.
Know you need essential fats but not which ones? Feeling SAD during our long winter but not sure how much vitamin D to take? Have a pile of supplements on the shelf, but not sure what still works for you? This is a great first step for you! 

I will test to see which of your supplements your body actually wants at this time, and how much of each.
I will help you find what is the best fit for your body of a particular type of supplement such as B vitamins, minerals, fats, or digestive enzymes.

Allow 20 min for appointment $25

Hair Mineral Evaluation    $75
Testing of hair by Trace Elements Lab to learn more about heavy metal issues and endocrine balance.

Stress Relief with Frequency Balancing    
Genius Insight Frequency Balancing APP from Health Insight Apps        
A balancing session online or by phone to identify the systems in your body that are off balance and provide the frequencies to help tune your body to balance. Provide a photo and 30 second voice recording for remote sessions.   Purchase the Insight Quanta Capsule App for an unlimited week of replay of each bio-feedback session  
 Allow 60 minutes for first session.
1st  session including Quanta capsule purchase   $130
Purchase Quanta Capsule APP separately       $  75      Single session.                                                       $  65
Weekly sessions by monthly subscription.       $  98